Never skip a beat!

Engineered for fast pairing, immersive communiction & uninterrupted connectivity, the high-fidelity bluetooth headphones with ultra-soft cushion ear cups boast active noise cancellation, powerful stereo with emphasis on treble and bass and a high performing battery.

Sleek, distinctive lightweight design add a clear look of style and superior sound quality offers the perfect rejuvenation you deserve.

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Featuring sophistication

Be aware of everything around you yet escape the noise with the all-advanced ambient aware smart headphones.

  • Pivoting cushioned earcups for natural-fit & all-day listening comfort

  • Maximize clarity and balance with HD audio & fine-tuned acoustics

  • Optimum battery life and fast-refueling for uninterrupted playback

  • Multifunction on-ear controls for seamless set-up & switching

Why choose us?

State of the art Enhanced with next-level technology & user-friendly features

  • Unbelievable priceAffordable prices light on the pocket and viable for all.
  • Hassle-free accessEncrypted payment gateway and hassle-free doorstep delivery.

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